Friday, September 21, 2007

Children in Rehab

So, my children started rehab 4 days ago. All 3 of them, ages 10, 6, and 4. The detoxing process is the worst part. They scream, throw fits, lose sleep, and generally are in bad moods. Then, they start relearning how to play. They start sleeping better and longer. Slowly, their attitudes improve.
What are they detoxing from? Video mediums. They are officially unplugged for at least a month. I will drag it out as long as possible.
While they have access to video games, TV, etc, they are little monsters. All they can think of to do is play a video game. When I tell them no, they throw fits. So, we are detoxing. The results are evident almost immediately. Bear, 4, goes to bed at night easier. Yesterday and today, he spent hours playing with his toys. Toys that just Monday, I threatened to get rid of because they were never played with. Tiger, 6, goes to sleep faster because he spends his days running and playing instead of sitting gaming. Monkey, 10, doesn't snap at people near as often.
Monkey's detox is harder, because he will just replace the games and TV with books. Now, I know what you're thinking, Why don't you want him reading? The answer is this. When he reads for long, uninterrupted time spans, he is a bear. He loves to read and will do so for 4 hours straight, longer if you let him forget to eat. But, then, he is in a horrible mood. So, we have to force him to do other things. The hard part of that is that I love to read, too. So, I am having to force him to give up something that I love. It's harder than telling them they can't play video games when video games make me sick (motion sickness--isn't that funny?).
So, today was really good. For 2 days, Monkey has been a worker bee knocking out his schoolwork by 1:30, which is amazing because he puts out a ton of work! Tiger has played outside almost non-stop when he wasn't do schoolwork (again, without much complaining). Bear, as I said before, is playing with his toys like a mad man.
We're one happy family-until one of them starts begging to use the video games. Maybe I should sue Nintendo for marketing this addictive toy to my children and John for giving it to them. The only problem with that is that I take total responsibility for letting them play it!

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