Monday, November 12, 2007

The Weekend

Okay, so, basically, I took a bunch of pictures this weekend and wanted to share them. So, here goes.So, first, the kittens. I caught Sasha (on the right) and Ron (on the left) cuddling the other day. I thought they looked adorable.
Dominic's Spider! He loved making these legs and I've found them all over the house as he does arts and crafts on his own.
Dominic in his new favorite "outfit", pajamas and rain boots!
Some of the plants that I finally got around to repotting. They are from Papa's funeral and were trying very hard to die out there on the deck.
The little doggie in this picture is a hotly contested family "heirloom". We, apparently, all remember it from our childhood at my Nonnie's (grandmother) house. It has at least 5 layers of paint and weighs a ton. I packed it in my luggage after Nonnie's funeral and took it home with me. It was worth it. I have such fond memories. Of course, within 2 days of it being in my home, all 3 of my children had smashed toes with it! Oh well.
This owl was playing coy with us.
We got half a dozen shots of him looking away from us before we got this one:

At which point, he was finished posing for us and took off, much to my children's delight!

So, that's it! Hope you enjoy them.


  1. If you're considering stealing it back, you are not welcome in my home. Or, maybe I should say, I'll just have to come to your house and steal it back. Or, maybe, I'll just hide it anytime you're at my house!

  2. I love taking pictures too. Thanks for sharing.


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