Wednesday, December 5, 2007


So, today, I told Gary that Xavier was feeling lousy. Was Gary concerned? Oh no! He said, "Oh, maybe I'll be able to whip him at checkers, tonight."

Xavier has been totally whipping Gary. And yes, Gary did manage to win. Of course, Gary puts it down to "taking a totally new posture" and "throwing him off". Uh huh. Sure....


  1. So my wife is complaining that "I never comment on her blogs", nevermind that I'm usually sitting in the same room as she is when she posts a topic. In addition, she usually tells me about a post before she submits it. Apparently discussing it with her isn't enough now I have to discuss it as well as comment on her writings. So here goes...
    "Great post honey! Thanks for making me sound like the village idiot (and an insensitive one at that). What my wife failed to mention is that I've been playing checkers with my son for several weeks. Initially I started out taking it easy and showing him different ways to trap and defeat his opponent. Obviously he learns fast as he quickly progressed to trapping me on numerous occasions. I suddenly found myself on the defensive against a seven year old! He's doing very well, so I think it's time to move on to chess.

  2. Whatever. Don't be so defensive. Just remember that your goal in life is to make him better than you, right?


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