Thursday, December 20, 2007


So sorry that I haven't been posting, lately. I've been desperately trying to finish my Christmas quilts (9 of them) and nope, they're not going to get done. The girls' quilts are finished, but 3 of the guys' need to be quilted and they all need to be bound. So, they'll have to give them back to me to finish. Oh, well.
On to news....
Gabriel is very busy working on his fine motor skills coloring and writing letters for Christmas. Since he hates to do both, I can only encourage this. Other than this and hit and miss work, we're laying off school until January. He is growing like a weed and Gary keeps putting his pants in my closet. This wouldn't be such a big deal if they weren't too small for me around the waist and rear. His legs are only 2 inches shorter than mine (maybe not that much) and I have long legs for a 5'4" woman. My legs are the same length as Gary's, so Gabriel is going to take after my side of the family in that regard. I have a feeling he's going to be a lot like my brother, Frank, who had a 36" inseam (I think) and a 26" or 28" waste. Just try finding pants like that! Also, he was only 5'9". So, as you can see, he was all leg. As am I at 5'4" with 30" legs.

Xavier is doing really well. After they casted his arm, his pain virtually disappeared. He was still having some pain at night (especially after getting his flu shot!), but now that is gone, too. We just have to deal with the itching, now. He should get his cast off on Jan 7. He is ornery as usual and fortunately today was a nice day so he could get outside. I also made cookies this week. Xavier doesn't really like cookies, but he loves cookie dough. When I gave him some dough, he gave me a huge hug and said, "I love you, Mom" all sappy like. I love this kid. I soooo get him!

Dominic is doing something that really amuses me. While Xavier and Gabriel look at letters and say, "That is the letter k and it makes the /k/ sound." When I ask Dominic what a letter is (which he's known since he was 2), he'll say "That's the letter /k/". I find this humorous and wonderful at the same time. The reason I find it wonderful is because he still knows the names of the letters, but he is not seeing them as names anymore, but rather as sounds. He is pretty much teaching himself to read and that is a good thing. Dominic also thinks that he needs to eat a dozen cookies a day. So, I've got him on a strict regimen. Basically it goes like this. Since I only make cookies once a year, I let him have cookies whenever he wants them--as long as he's still eating breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Gary is going to his last big school in April. It is in Ft Walton Beach, FL and is 3 months long. So, instead of going to the indoor water park that we had planned to in Jan, we're going to go spend a month with him in FL. We're very excited about this. I've got my eye on a condo by the beach and am just waiting to hear back about our reservations! Yippee. Now, if I can just find someone to come stay in my house while I'm gone to take care of the cats.....

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  1. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas...

    Chad, Lesa & Madi


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