Monday, January 21, 2008

Week in Review 1-20-2008

Quote of the week:
Me: Why did people build cities on the river?
Xavier: Because of the overflowness! (Referring to the rich soil caused by flooding.)

Abstract Art

What we're reading. This is a great book!

The Pinewood Derby

Gabriel's America Truck

Xavier's Silver Surfer Car

Checking in.

Waiting and watching.

Dominic Cheering for Anyone and Everyone!

Getting lined up.

It's Neck and Neck!

We won! Both cars won first place in their den. Xavier didn't want his picture taken, though. Also, they didn't place in the pack overall. This is actually nice. It means they won, but we don't have to go to district, the best of both worlds.


  1. Ok, here's the deal. I need you to start emailing me pictures of your boys... or you could make a CD and send it. I want about 10 of your favorites of each boy... I mean, ya know, if you don't mind of course ;)

    Love you!

  2. Hey, I recognize that art assignment. Wasn't it fun? My husband and I even joined in that one. :)

  3. Tag - whoops, you've already done it. I just realized I should have picked someone else since you've already done book meme. But you've been tagged - now you can go look at the Slug-man comic I drew :)


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