Thursday, February 21, 2008

Week in Review 2-21-2008

This is why you're kids shouldn't wear clothes that older kids wear. They look grown up.

To whomever bought us Bendominoes:Thank you. The boys love it and it is a great quick game.

Edit:to Sally. Thank you! The boys love it!

Dominic thinks he's Harry Potter-messy hair and all.

We moved into our school room this week. We are really enjoying it. It helps keep me on task. I don't notice much difference in the kids. The cats come in and visit us. It is nice and warm in there because it is such a tiny room.

Dominic has determined that he has to work hard. So, he has been. He loves working. He wants to do worksheets, write in a notebook, do math (which he is doing very well at, considering that he is slowly working his way through 1st grade math), color, read, and everything else you can think of. So, he is.

Doesn't he look adorable?

I have put Gabriel in charge of his grammar. I typed out the rest of his lesson plans for the year. He is in charge of when he finishes them. Why? Well, as soon as he finishes them, he'll be able to start summer vacation. So, he has some incentive to get them done sooner.

Dominic's board and quiet activities. Plus, Gabriel's time line.

The storage cabinet and bean bag chairs. We use the bean bag chairs for reading, phonics, and anything else that doesn't require writing.

Dominic has decided that he needs to get grades.

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