Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Over the past couple months, I've gotten sick a few times. It always seems to happen right when we've gotten on a roll with our schedule. I always sit there, miserable, and wish that I could hire a substitute. Well, today was one of those days.

But, instead of wishing I could hire a substitute, I did hire one. I hired....*drum roll please*

Gabriel! I payed him $1 a subject that he taught his brothers. Then, I paid all of them to "substitute" themselves by doing their work without me having to be there and help them. Usually, I like to be involved. There is a lot they can do without me being involved, but I usually at least sit in the school room while they work.

Today, Gabriel gave Xavier and Dominic their phonics lessons. He also read to them. He organized them and told them what they needed to do next. He made sure everyone was getting stuff done. He got his work done. I sat in my recliner and felt miserable. But, at least the schooling was getting done at the same time.

So, Gabriel earned $5. Xavier earned $1.50 (he only did phonics, spelling, and math). Dominic earned $1.00 (phonics and math).

I didn't have to pay any of them, I know. However, it was a nice incentive for an unusual day.

On another note, Dominic is driving me nuts. I can't keep enough work in front of that boy to keep him busy. Saturday, he comes to me and says, "When are we going to start school? I'm ready to do math." So, I sent him off to do some chores, promising to do math as a reward. When he came back, we did math. Then, he wanted to know when we were going to do phonics. I said, "Not today." So, he wanted to know if we could do more math. Ummm, no. I'm done for the week. LOL Go outside and play, kid.

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