Friday, March 21, 2008

Week in Review 3-21-2008

Dominic almost always has a cat sleeping with him. Unless they are all outside, there is always one with him, sometimes all three.

Dominic had a bloody nose and was screaming bloody murder. Sasha did not appreciate her baby crying and climbed up on his lap to comfort him. Now, he always wants her to come when he gets hurt. She complies readily.

Why I Love Homeschooling:

Freedom to be who we want to be, even it means adding a little extra hair with a marker.

Time to play outside on nice days.

Gabriel is turning into a great big brother. After 6 months of slow change, he is wanting to spend time with them. He is slowly coming out of his 'shell' and being willing to really do and be what he wants to. He's also making wiser choices. He tends to be a follower. So, it is nice for him to be leading-in a good way. Today was a really nice day. The boys went out after they finished their morning work. About an hour later, Xavier came in for a pillow for Gabriel. He said that Gabriel had been reading "Robin Hood" to them. Apparently Xavier and Dominic were loving it. Other than a picnic lunch and frequent trips inside for water to soothe this throat, Gabriel spent 3 hours reading to his little brothers. I love that kid.

Do you see how skinny my 'Buddha Baby' has gotten?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Where did you get that Lightning McQueen quilt?!! We saw one that looked exactly like it at a quilt show, and I was going to sketch it, but they took it down and auctioned it off before I could. I would love to have that pattern for Logan. He LOVES Lightning McQueen. I have the big panel already, but I was struggling with how to turn it into a twin quilt. Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!

  2. Gary's mom made it. I just spoke to her and she said she'll mail the pattern to me if she still has it. (I imagine she does) I'll send it to you along with a picture of Dominic's quilt. It is HUGE.

  3. Thanks a bunch! You really don't have to send the pattern to me. I don't want to take her pattern. If she can just tell me where she got it, or where I could get it online, I could do it that way. If she insists on sending the pattern, ask her how much she wants for it, and I'll send you some money to give her. I appreciate you doing this for me! Logan will really appreciate it too!

  4.'s so sweet to see that siblings CAN like each other and be a positive influence with each other. It gives me hope :-)


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