Friday, March 21, 2008

What we're studying...

I know I haven't updated that sidebar in forever. So, I thought I'd do a quick update here before I update there.


Gabriel finished reading Fahrenheit 451 this week and it is his new favorite book. He also read Gilgamesh, the Hero. He enjoyed that. It was a quick read, but historically important to the time he is studying right now.

He finished Life of Fred and has gone back to Math U See. He has 12 lessons left and does approximately 2 lessons a week.

He is using Cyber Ed for science--doing Life Science.

He is still using Kingfisher Encyclopedia for history and joining us for our history lesson. They are synced so that we are studying the same things. He is just starting to write a paper each week about a history subject of his choice from his readings the week before. When I told him he was going to do this, he said, "Yay!" Huh? What? I thought you hated writing! I say, "Yay!"


Xavier is working his way through Magic Tree House books as his reading books.
I am reading The Little House on the Prairie books to him, which he LOVES.

He has about 50 lessons left to do for phonics. He does approximately 10 lessons a week, so we should be done with phonics in 5 weeks. Yay!!!!!

He has 12 lessons left to do of 2nd grade math. He is just flying through it. It is hard for his hand writing to keep up with his mind. Sometimes I write for him so that he can get more done. He sits there while I write the problem done and finishes answering half the problems on the page before I can write down the first problem. He's learning carrying right now. He's got estimation down, which is huge. Gabriel still doesn't get the purpose of estimation.


Dominic is about a fifth of the way into the phonics book. He is an instinctual reader and loves being able to read. It is humorous to me he is starting to read things around the house before he has even gotten out of the short vowel sounds. I am hoping to finish phonics with him next year. I really don't see why he wouldn't. Right now, he's only doing 2 to 3 lessons a week because he sometimes doesn't want to sit down and that's fine with me.

On the other hand, he always wants to do math. He is driving me nuts. He's taking off. He's got the concept of addition firmly down, although he hasn't gotten past +1 in his lessons. :)

That's it, I guess. If you have any questions, ask!

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