Saturday, March 8, 2008

Woohoo, what a week!

This has been an amazing week in so many ways. First, there is Xavier's reading. Last week, I suggested to him, in a fit of pique, that he try reading a Magic Tree House book. Up to this point, he was reading picture books. What I have discovered is that most picture books are written for adults to read aloud. As a result, they are not real compatible with early phonics learning. There is one series that I really like that is completely phonics based, are well written, and have beautiful illustrations. However, they're expensive, and we went through the set we had the first week we started reading. Xavier was complaining that he hated reading.

He started reading the Magic Tree House last week and loved it. I have, of course, read Magic Tree House books to him in the past. He has always like them. Now, however, he was jumping from having trouble reading picture books to reading a well written chapter book without much help. He told me he loves reading! He has taken to reading to Dominic at odd moments. I'll find them all over the house reading. This is a HUGE breakthrough for Xavier and we are very excited about it.

Next, came the excitement with the weather. Over the weekend, the temperatures were in the high 60s. Then, on Monday, we actually got up into the 70s. It was bliss. The kids were able to burn off some excess energy left over from a February made up of snow (none of which was worth playing in), rain, and ice. Monday, we waited to start school until it started raining at 3:00. It was wonderful.

Gary taught Xavier how to shoot the bee-bee gun he got for Christmas. He spent all afternoon Sunday shooting.

The boys got out the walking sticks Gramma gave them for Christmas.

Then, it..........
It started snowing Friday morning and snowed all day and all night and into this morning. The boys are ecstatic. We got about a foot. Xavier, Gabriel, and Gary shoveled the drive. Dominic and Xavier were outside before I even got up this morning. Dominic was in and out all day. Xavier spent most of the day outside, taking an hour break around lunch and stopping for the evening at about 5:00. He can't wait until tomorrow.

I got some great shots of deer last night.

Dominic was a snow man.

We're missing one of our snow shovels. I'm guessing it's buried under the snow.

Dominic getting out of his gear.

Dominic telling me about Dad making them a ramp at the bottom of the hill. He loved it! Thanks Dad!

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  1. We didn't get near that much snow! Dern Ohio river messing up our weather fronts!! LOL We did get enough to sled tho. Looks like they had fun!


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