Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our New Routine

As most of you know, we're in Florida for 5 weeks. Gary is going to school down here for 3 months and we decided to join him 5 weeks of it. We rented a condo 'on' the beach and we're here now.

Of course, our schedule had to be tweaked a little. Here's what's going on now.

Because of the hurried nature of our departure, I left not only our history book at home, but Dominic's math book. While most children would be thrilled at this discovery, all my children enjoy history and Dominic is devastated at the idea of not doing math. So, I am making up worksheets to go along with his math lessons (which are on DVD). It's not hard and he's learning what he needs to. Gabriel started a new spelling program and Xavier dropped spelling.

The day before we left, we got Gabriel's test results back, so I'm modifying his curriculum accordingly. Since he'll start 8th grade grammar next year (skipping 6th and 7th), I see no point in him completing all the lessons in his 5th grade grammar book. So, he's only taking the chapter tests. Anything he doesn't know, he's going back to study. It is an amazingly free way to decide what to learn. He has gotten almost 100% on all his tests so far. He has his last one tomorrow. I am considering doing the same thing next year and then focusing on writing when he doesn't have anything in his grammar book to learn. That's not to say I don't LOVE his grammar. It's just that he doesn't need as much repetition as it has.

So, here's what we're doing here.

We get up when we get up. We have breakfast. Then, we go to the beach.

After the beach, we do school work. This includes, for Xavier, phonics, grammar, math, and reading. For Gabriel, it includes spelling (Spelling Power--it's a GREAT program--I wish public schools could use it, but I don't see how they could. Thanks for the recommendation, April.), math, grammar (tomorrow), and reading. Dominic, of course, does whatever he wants to. Sometimes that includes phonics, sometimes math, sometimes reading.

After school work, we have lunch. Then, we rest for an hour. The kids really need that after the beach in the morning.

After rest time, we head to the pool. The kids are having a blast. I'm having a blast.


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