Friday, May 9, 2008


First, let me say that for some reason I am having some trouble with Blogger. One of the things that is not working for me is spellcheck. Since I am lazy, I may have some misspellings.:)

Our first weekend here, our next door neighbor (who actually lives here) offered us a Monopoly game. We, of course, accepted it. Now, for 11 years, I've been working with the thought that Gary doesn't like Monopoly. Of course, when we got married he told me he didn't like green beans. I took that to mean he didn't like vegetables. Huh? Anyway, obviously, I don't know everything about my husband even though we've been married for 11 years.

We have been having a blast playing Monopoly. We've played 4 times. Gary won the first time. Xavier has cleaned up every time since then. It is really starting to irritate Gabriel. You see, Xavier starts buying houses as soon as he can. Plus, he just continues to spend all his money on them until he basically bankrupts everyone else. Gabriel plays it safe. He tries to decide whether he can 'afford' a certain property before he buys it. He NEVER adds houses because they are too expensive. Yet, Xavier is more than willing to mortgage a property to keep his houses on the other properties when he has to pay rent and doesn't have enough money. Then, on the next turn, he makes a huge amount of money because he is willing to speculate.



  1. Well...the best entrepeneurs are the ones that are unafraid to take risks. Looks like Xavier has learned that already!

  2. We love to play monopoly. We play at least once a week. Much like in real life my husband is the dare devil and spends every penny he has. I am more conservative, but the kids are taking after their dad. It makes for an interesting game. P.S. I am having the same spelling issues.


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