Friday, May 9, 2008

Special Operations Warrior Foundation Fund Raiser

Gary, is full time for the Kentucky Air National Guard. He is in the Special Forces. Specifically, he's a Special Operations Weather 'guy'. They're the geeks of special forces.:) We moved to Kentucky in May 2007. Since then, he's been gone almost exactly 1/2 the time we've lived here. Now, he's in his 'final' school in Florida. That's why we're spending 5 weeks down here. We need to spend some time with him.

At any rate, the guys in his school decided that they were going to have a best mustache contest for the month of May. Then, they decided that they wanted to add a special touch to it. The Special Operations Warrior Foundation obviously has a special place in my heart. That's it.

Dear friends,

I am currently completing the final phase of the Air Force Special
Operations Command's Advanced Skills Training course to compliment my
qualification as a SOWT. Our class is conducting a 'best
mustache' competition this month to raise money for the Special
Operations Warrior Foundation, an organization that provides collegiate scholarships to the children of military special operators killed in the line of duty. We are seeking sponsors to make the contest more competitive, fun, and most importantly, rewarding for the potential beneficiaries. No donation is too insignificant. If you have any interest in contributing, you can do so at Please specify that the donation be made in support of 'Advanced Skills Training (ORT)' in the comments section. Additionally, we encourage you to forward this inquiry to friends, family members, coworkers, etc. While Air Force regulations mandate that one's facial hair remain within certain limitations (sorry, no Rollie Fingers or Pringles Guy impersonations), we are confident that you'll be amused nonetheless.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Gary Pelletier

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