Sunday, July 6, 2008

CVS and Rite Aid Savings 7-6-2008

I've been doing this on my other blog for several weeks, but decided to move it to my "family" blog in the interest of keeping my other blog about the things it was originally intended--mainly ranting and raving, with a few other fun things thrown in.:) I'll also be moving Menu Monday w/ recipes here. Enjoy.

Rite Aid has several good offers this week and CVS's Olay offer can be good as well. I only post deals that I am personally interested in. If you would like to see more deal scenarios, please visit Money Saving Mom.

CVS scenario:
$ 3.99 Gillette Body Wash ($1.00 man. coupon)
$11.98 Olay Body Wash 2 @ $5.99/ea (2 $2.00 man. coupons)
4.99 Olay Daily Cleanser ($1.00 man. coupon)
2.00 Dawn Simple Pleasures 2 @ $1.00 (2 $1.00 coup.--if simple pleasures is part of this!)
$22.96 before coupons
- 8.00 manufacturers' coupons
$14.96 Total Out of Pocket
$ 12.00 ECBS earned

Rite Aid scenario:
$1.00 Mead 1 subject notebooks 5 for $1.00
7.99 Gillette Venus Embrace ($2.00 man. coup, $5.00 rebate)
4.99 Infusium 23 ($3.00 man. coup, $1.99 rebate)
5.99 Oral B Pulsar Toothbrush ($1.00 man. coup, $4.00 rebate)
$19.97 before coupons
- 6.00 manufacturers' coupons
$13.97 Total out of pocket
$10.00 Rebate earned

Rite Aid's single check rebate system is very simple to use. You can input your receipt information online and they send you a check. The check is very quick to arrive. You can either cash it, or use it on your next purchase at Rite Aid.

Happy shopping!

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