Friday, July 11, 2008

The End is in Sight

The end of "summer" school is just around the corner. For the record, next "year" will be a year-round affair. But, this year was planned to end in May, with a bit of math all summer to stay in the groove. Unfortunately, our history and science got left at home when we went to Florida. So, we've been doing history and science this summer. The boys don't actually mind this. They love both history and science.

Next year's schedule is going to be done in six-week increments. I'm doing this because I scheduled 6 American History unit studies for the year, so it just made sense. I think it is better to work around the calendar because they lose less, thereby needing less backtracking. More on "next year's" schedule later.

The boys and I had planned to go to Maine for Gary's cousin's wedding in October. Unfortunately, that trip has been canceled. So, the boys are heading up early. They're going in August, instead. Unfortunately, the week they'll be gone is smack dab in the middle of the last two weeks of instruction I had planned. So, I'm stepping it up. With the pace we're setting, we should be done with everything in the next two weeks. That way, when they get back from Maine, they'll have August off to spend with their dad before he deploys. That'll be nice.

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