Friday, July 4, 2008

Horse Pull

The kids got their first real introduction to "country" life a few weeks ago. They had a blast! They can't wait to attend another horse pull. I thought I'd share some pictures and video.

This was a unique experience in a society that only socializes through organized means. We go to church, school and the gym. Unfortunately, the small town get-togethers seem to be going by the wayside. It was a pleasure to see the boys playing with other kids without having to be organized. They just did! The boys started playing and, slowly but surely, all the other kids there joined them. We had so much fun. Xavier even invented a "new" sport. Run, tumble and slide. They managed to get about 5 other kids doing it with them, trying to see who could go the furthest. It was a wonderful evening (that, by the way, the boys didn't want to attend) for all of us.

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