Thursday, July 10, 2008

Look! He's a Reader!

We've struggled to get Xavier to read. Other than by force, he has not read at all. Soon after we returned from Florida, Gabriel refused to "play" Harry Potter with him unless he read the book. So, Xavier, who has NEVER read anything willingly before now, started reading Harry Potter. The first chapter took him 3 hours. The next chapters took less and less time. At first, he was forcing himself to read so that he could play with Gabriel. By the end of the book, he was pulling his hair, he was so enthralled by the suspense of the book. He had one chapter left to go when it was bedtime. He woke up the next morning and immediately started reading again. In all, it took him about 4 days to read it.

Now, I'm finding him reading all over the place. If he's not playing with his brothers, he's reading a book. I can't resist taking pictures of him. This is huge!!! The fact that he went from being a "sign reader" (he really like reading all the signs we passed, but hated reading books) to reading every book that comes within sight is a wonderful thing to me.

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