Monday, August 18, 2008

Gifted in Crime

My children are gifted. I know this. Gabriel is gifted at reading. Xavier is "gifted" at math. And Dominic, well, Dominic is just a well rounded kid.

But, Saturday, we found out depths in Dominic we didn't know existed. He is gifted in crime. When he decides he is going to throw rocks at cars, he doesn't pick just any old car. He picks the local police cruiser. Ah, what a wonderful thing.

After the policeman (who was very nice about the whole thing) left, Gary got Dominic out there doing hard time. He had him working on a chain gang. You see, the septic guys had just left and they left a bunch of rocks in our yard. Gary had Dominic moving all the rocks from the yard to the ditch. It was a beautiful thing. Dominic was duly remorseful and, hopefully, his crime spree is at an end.

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  1. That's way too funny - I can't believe he picked a police car of all things!


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