Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Last Days of Summer Vacation

Summer vacation has lasted less than a month. I had not planned to start school until the day after Labor Day. But, we're going to a 4-H camp for homeschoolers the week before our first planned break, so we're starting a week early. We're all mostly okay with this.

Here are some pictures of what has been going on around here (besides the nasty head cold sent from Maine. Thank you very much, Mom!)

Last week, we went for a playdate to a state park. There is a creek there and the boys had a blast. The picture of Xavier had a bunch of other kids in it, but it was all of their backsides (all girls) in bathing suits and I decided I wasn't going to post that. Xavier had sooo much fun playing with three of the girls. First, he played with some of them moving rocks out of the creek. Notice that the creek is rock. Then, he spent some time 'fencing' with one of the other girls. Come to find out, he thought he was fencing with someone else, but he had a lot of fun.

This is what Gabriel does. He thinks. He did go down the 'waterfall' on an inner tube a couple times and he did play in the water for about an hour. The rest of the time, he spent talking to himself.

Dominic was exhausted by the time we left. I was completely surprised that he didn't fall asleep on the way home. He played, and played, and played. Now, he's asking to get together with some of the girls he played with (our group is a little girl heavy right now). I'm all for it.

Last weekend, Gary and the boys tore up the rest of the carpet in the new school room (used to be our guest bedroom/sewing room). We haven't refinished the floor,yet. Nor have we painted the walls, which as you can see, will have to be done. Most importantly, we haven't moved any shelves or desks in there. So, we'll be starting school in the dining room.
After tearing it up, it had to be taken to the curb, so away the boys went with it. It took a lot of team work, but they got it. Did you notice that Xavier isn't wearing a shirt? He's taken to doing that a lot. I asked him why and he replied, "I'm a man and that's what men do." Interestingly, Gary almost always wears a shirt.

These are pictures of Dominic doing 'hard time'. You'll notice in the next picture that he is wiping his hands. He's a little fanatical about that. In fact, I'm surprised he didn't have the hand sanitizer down there with him.

The Prisoner

The Warden

The Guard Cat

This is a picture of the septic guys digging up our yard. But, what is significant to me is the fact that it is also a picture of Xavier and Dominic rethinking their career goals to include operating heavy machinery.
Dominic learned how to swing while he was in Maine. I'm guessing that anyway. When he left, he didn't know how and when he came back, he did. Anyway, since then, he's spent hours on the swing. Prior to him learning how to swing, he was quite terrified of swinging and refused to let us push him on the swing. I think he felt out of control. Which, of course, he was.
Xavier, who loves to swing, and always has, has evolved his swinging habits. No more sitting down on a swing for him. It's all standing, all the time. I'm not surprised. He's not a gentle person. He's all about the excitement. Which is why we're trying to figure out how to install a swing similar to his cousin's. It is attached to the top of two very tall trees and goes very high in the air. He loves it. Of course, we'd have to start pushing him again. Hmmmm, maybe that's not a great idea after all.

This is Xavier doing his new favorite activity. Unfortunately, I think it's giving him headaches. He's been complaining about headaches and he's been reading A LOT. When we had his eyes checked last year, we were told he has a slight astigmatism and we should keep an eye on it, but not be concerned. Maybe I should get his eyes checked again. It could also be that it isn't easy for him to read and he is struggling to do it, which could cause a different kind of strain.

Finally, I wanted to show you the war that happened in my living room. When the boys start making paper airplanes, I do not get excited. They have to make approximately 100 and they, of course, multiply when I'm not around. But, apparently, these were Japanese planes because they kamikazed in my living room before being disposed of in the trash can. Ah.


  1. Looks like a lot of hard work AND hard play!

  2. Your boys remind me of my own - astigmatism and everything. I love the guard cat - hilarious! Did y'all care for the Vote book? We're about to start a unit study on elections and I'm looking for good stuff.

  3. jenn-
    I do like the Vote book. Out of all the books we got on voting from the library, it is the one we liked the best.


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