Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gabriel's Birthday

Gabriel got lots of black clothes for his birthday. He was a wee bit disappointed at getting mostly clothes for his birthday. He was not disappointed about getting the clothes-just that that was all he got.:) He's not learned that lesson, yet. But, he has really enjoyed wearing them! He especially appreciates the fact the he is now able to wear all black. Thanks, Moms!

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  1. Happy birthday!

    I just found your blog again via the military homeschool yahoo group, more specifically from the thread on Bolling with Susan...I'd e-mailed her yesterday to ask more about it because we're suppose to go there next year for my dh's school. Yeah, I'm really not sure what to do about housing when we move. I read Pinnicale just took over...and I really don't think I want to move on base...but I've got time to figure it out :)
    But I clicked over to your blog, and I know I've seen this one before, I just can't remember from where. So now you're in my favorites.
    Nice to meet you!


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