Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A New School Room

During the summer, or maybe toward the end of the last school year, I decided that our school room was way too small. It was certainly better than nothing, but the room is only 7x8, and between the desk, the shelves, and the beanbag chairs, there wasn't anymore floor space. So, I decided that we could sacrifice our guest bedroom/sewing room for a school room. We only get overnight guests on an average of once a year, so I see no point in maintaining an entirely seperate room for them. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, after the septic backed up into our basement, we had to pile stuff on the bed (and move the bed) so the guys could rip out the contaminated carpet. (Just think about what that carpet was contaminated with. That'll make your day and help you digest your next meal.)

Here is a before picture.

And, here are the after pictures!

The first thing we did was pull up the carpet.

The second thing we did was paint the walls. I don't know if the boys would have been able to work in a purple room. It probably would have been an affront to their senses. Then, we painted the floors. We're going to put hard wood in the basement when we put hardwood upstairs. That, however will not happen until after Gary gets back from his deployment. So, we decided to paint the schoolroom floor until then. I think it will work out well. Dominic is able to play with blocks and puzzles without them getting all messed up because of carpet.

My plan is to paint that wall behind the desk with chalkboard paint. We'll then move the desk to the middle of the room. In the meantime, it'll stay there. You can't see the signs on the walls well, but they are Gabriel's and Xavier's names in metal. They're cool, but I've never found a use for them before. (We've had them for 6 years!)

This is my comfy chair. I decided there was no reason for me to sit in an office chair. This way, we can cuddle up on the chair and read together. The wall to the right of the white cabinet is shared with the playroom. We plan to open this up and put in glass doors at the same time we put in wood floors. We have a really nice, big, finished basement, but it was horribly designed. We've been trying to figure out better configurations. This is one of the things we plan to do to help out.

We are really enjoying our new schoolroom. There is enough space for everyone to move around in, yet we're still all together and focused on what we're doing.

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  1. Wow, that is so nice. This is my 6th year homeschooling and I completely change the furniture and configurations at least three times a year as I fine tune it to fit our needs. That basement room is very cool. I especially like your comfy chair by the big, sunny window.


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