Friday, October 17, 2008

Heard Here

Dominic crawled in bed with us this morning. He started talking to himself. We could barely make out what he was saying, and couldn't understand all of it. This is what we could understand.

The cutest baby in the world, Dominic ---!!!! Son of Kristina --- and Gary ---. His first words were "Mama" and "Dada."

And that was all we could understand. But it's enough, isn't it?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Math Revisited

Well, he did it. Gabriel finished a year's worth of math curriculum in 6 weeks. That is amazing since he had so little confidence in his ability to do math. His confidence has, of course, soared, and he is very excited about starting pre-algebra. The fact that the pre-algebra book is not purple has nothing to do with it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Mom Left Behind!

I'm the first one to admit that I don't know everything. Well, maybe not the first, but surely a close second. Gabriel knows a lot of things that I don't know. I know a lot more about math, grammar, and cooking. Gabriel knows more trivia about our past presidents that I could possible want to know! Anyway, this particular thing that he knows more about is the moon. On our way somewhere, he was telling me all about the waxing gibbous. I asked him what it was called when the moon was less than half. He informed me that we weren't learning about that, right now and he would tell me all about it when the moon was half full. I stared at Gary and said, "What!??? He's going to deny me the knowledge that I want because of his schedule?!!!!" Gary replied, "No mom left behind!" Ah, but Gabriel will not be swayed. He will tell me all about it in his own time, which means according to schedule. In the meantime, I just have to side step him and take my question to the internet or our science encyclopedia. And, if you're curious, it's a crescent. Or, you could wait, and I'll let you know when we get to that part of our lessons in a couple weeks.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Review Tuesday 10-14-2008

I've decided to copy these to this blog. I enjoy writing them, and want to share them with people who don't read my more political blog. I hope you enjoy them, as well.

note: I got this all ready to post last night, went to post it and realized there was a scheduled outage. Of course, it hadn't saved... So, I'm rewriting it and this time, it will have pictures.

Today's website is really just one page. I'm not sure what the title of the page is, so we're just going to call it Singing Science Records. The product for today is the Schick Intuition razor. Today's book is We the People: The Story of Our Constitution by Lynn Cheney.

This webpage has links to multiple science songs. As we all know, getting songs out of one's head is almost impossible. As a result, songs are a great learning tool. For instance, Tom Lehrer's song, "Silent E" teaches children about silent e. We all remember "I'm Just a Bill" by School House Rock. Well, these songs teach things like, "What is a Shooting Star?", "What is Energy?", Who's Afraid of Thunder?", "Why does the Wind Blow?" (a note-we all know it's because of the trees bending. You don't need to listen to that one.) "What's in the Ocean?", "What are the Parts of a Flower?" and many more. Check them out.
I received a Schick Intuition Razor in the mail as a free sample Saturday. I've never used this razor before. This razor has the "shaving cream" built in. I was a bit leery of this method since I frequently get razor burn. However, I did not get razor burn at all. This is the first razor that has not given me razor burn around my bikini area. I believe that my sister has used it and gotten razor burn, but I did not. Also, since I don't have to lather up prior to use, it saves me time in the shower. It gave me a nice, smooth shave and no razor burn. So, I'm giving this razor two thumbs up.
This book is about what happened leading up to and after the writing of the constitution. It is not about the constitution. It details the reasons the constitution was needed and what went on to get the constitution, but does not go into detail about what is in the constitution. This is a good book with wonderful paintings done by Greg Harlin.
The text is simple enough to be read to a young audience, but not so simple that an older audience wouldn't appreciate it.

In 1787 delegates from twelve states traveled to a convention in Philadelphia to figure out a better plan for governing the country. Congress had instructed them to revise the Articles of Confederation, but some were thinking well beyond that. James Madison of Virginia, the first delegate to arrive from out of town, had studied how nations worked and was convinced America needed a much stronger government than the Articles could provide-and soon. The current government, he believed, was near collapse.

This is an excellent book that includes many quotes from the time. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Silent E

Since Dominic is learning about silent E, I thought I would share our new favorite video with you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Week in Review 10-4-2008

What a week! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were High Holy days. Xavier and Dominic had fun in daycare while Gabriel and I attended services. Wednesday's service was a family service and was a lot of fun. This week I came to the realization that Gary will be leaving in 5 weeks. Ahem... Let me tell you the progression that happened in my mind. It went from a matter of seasons (Gary's deploying in the fall) to a matter of months (Gary's deploying in November) to "Oh my gosh! November is next month! Gary's deploying in 5 weeks!!!" And this all happened over two weeks. It was quite a startling realization. I immediately decided that we needed to buy a freezer so I could start freezing dinners. So, we went and purchased a new freezer.

It was scheduled to arrive on Friday. Of course, I kept forgetting that and never wrote it on the calendar. I was so focused on all the other things I had to get done Friday, that I completely forgot on Friday. As a result, I was in the shower when the freezer arrived. Ah, the bliss of your child being honest when they tell the stranger at the door that their mother is in the shower.

After the freezer arrived, we left for swimming lessons. For Xavier and Gabriel, swimming lessons are intense instruction with hopes of joining the swim team this summer.

For Dominic, swim lessons are all about trying to overcome his fear of putting his face in the water. He hasn't gotten to that point, but he's come very far. He's come from having to change all of his clothes down to his underwear if he got a drop of water on his shirt to being able to have water on his face as long as he doesn't have to put it in the water. I'm pleased with his progress.

After swim, we went to co-op. There, we are learning about the history of Kentucky. Did you know that Kentucky used to be part of the ocean? Well, now you do! Dominic is holding a representation of some of the fossils found in the area of sea creatures. We're going to see the fossil beds next week (hopefully).
After co-op, we had a nice family dinner and played a non-competitive (yeah right!) family game of soccer.

Saturday, Dominic had a soccer game. It is really cool, to me, to watch him take things he's learned and immediately implement them. He has, until this week, "danced" around the person who has the ball. His goal was to take the ball, but he never actually attempted to do so. Friday, we showed him how to take the ball and Saturday, he immediately went out there and started trying to take the ball away from people. And, amazingly enough, he didn't do it to his own team members. He is really enjoying playing soccer. I am really enjoying the knowledge that I am not going to have to attend this Saturday because Gary will be home.

That's it for the Week in Review. Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Dominic had stalled in math around April. He just wasn't making the leap from adding one to adding more than one. He could do it if he used manipulatives, but he couldn't do it if you just asked him, "What's 2+6?" Since I'm not in a hurry, I decided to set aside math and just let his little brain play with it for a while. It seems to have paid off.

The other day, while I was dressing, Dominic came in my room. He said to me, "I'm going to practice my evens." Let it be known that I had no idea what he was talking about. So, I said, "Go ahead." He then proceeded to practice his two plus facts starting with 0. Then, he "practiced the odds." At that point, I realised that his brain had made the leap and he was ready to move on. I was, however, not anticipating how big a leap it had made. I expected to slowly work through the next lesson, perhaps having to stop and do the same thing we did with 2+'s. After all, he was getting ready to learn the 9+ facts. Well, I explained the 9+ facts to him. Five minutes later, he knew all the 9+ facts and was ready to move on. He did the same with the 8+ facts and has since gone through 5 math lessons with extreme ease.

I seriously doubt this will continue forever. I imagine that he will once again hit a wall at some point. If he does, that'll be okay. Hopefully, I'll remember this and won't get frustrated. Hopefully, I'll just relax and let his brain catch up. In the meantime, we'll have fun.

Then, there are Xavier and Gabriel. They are learning multiplication and percentages/decimals, respectively. Their books are pink and purple. Ah, the joy of having your male children work out of pink and purple books. There's just something worth enjoying in your male children having to work out of books they consider to be girl colors. It is especially enjoyable when your oldest male child is a chauvinist. Have I mentioned what he said to me during a heated argument pleasant discussion the other day? He said to me, "Mom, don't argue with a man." Forget for a moment the fact that men are not always right, the boy is not a man! I kindly pointed that fact out to him. Perhaps, I should kindly point out the fact that he is using a purple math book....

The only problem is that they have both really taken to the part of math they are studying. They're getting it. As a result, I realized they will both complete their math books within the next 3 weeks. Huh? Finish a year's worth of math in 9 weeks? Gabriel? I'm not complaining. It's a wonderful thing. I just don't have the next math book for them, yet. But, after coming to this realization, today, I immediately got online and ordered their new books. By the time they're ready for them, the new books should be here.

This is the last book I'll have to buy for Xavier. After he finishes the next book, he'll be up to where Gabriel started last year. So, we've got the books. As long as Gabriel manages to stay ahead of Xavier, we'll be okay. Quite frankly, I'm not sure he will. But, as Gabriel regains his confidence in his ability to do math, he's working much more quickly and efficiently. He's very excited because he'll be starting pre-algebra. I loved algebra and I can't wait for him to start it. I have a feeling he's going to have a lot of fun with it.


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