Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Suggestions

For those of you who are wondering, the boys have come up with several ideas of what they would like for Christmas.

Gabriel wants lots of books. He finally ventured out of the children's section at Barnes and Nobles and discovered the adult sci/fi section of the store. He is in his idea of heaven. Only, he had to leave so many books in the store, where I'm sure they're very lonely without anyone to read them. Street of Shadows (Star Wars: Coruscant Nights II) is the sequel to the first book he bought and, I'm sure, would be well received. He would also like to have some Bionicles Legos. However, they will be getting some of these from each other, so I suggest asking which ones before buying.

Xavier is getting an MP3 player for Christmas and would appreciate gift cards to Itunes. For that matter, Gabriel already has one and would probably appreciate that, as well. Xavier would also like some more tees and balls for his golf set. He might like a golfing glove, but I'm not positive. He would like to have Backyard Ballistics for Christmas.

Dominic is easiest of all. He wants Kapla blocks. He would also like to have the entire Lego catalog. As far as books are concerned, he especially likes books about planes, trains, and automobiles. Last year, I bought him a book about the planes of WWII. There's lots of words, detailed drawings, and pictures of planes. He loves it. Anything in that genre will be good. Of course, he also likes books for younger children, but those are the ones he obsesses over.

Gary would appreciate email gift certificates to book stores. I'm sure he would also appreciate cards and if you would like to have his address, let me know.

Kristina (me) would like maid service, a personal chef, and laundry service. In the absence of those gifts, I would like a new pair of gloves, a better feather duster (there you go, Josh), a pair of pants for running in, chocolate covered strawberries, books, and more. Just ask, I can come up with more.

What is your family wanting for Christmas? What particular thing are your children after this year? What things have they gotten in years past that have weathered the test of time? For us, that has been Legos, which is part of the reason I'm not adverse to more Legos. We'll see how the Kaplas do.


  1. i also have a dominic! :^D)

    my boys are also asking for books and legos, and my dominic is sci-fi obsessed. :^)

  2. Ok, I really wish I had read this before I sent your Christmas - Tony would LOVE to get a feather duster (or two... or three...) Oh well, maybe we'll stock up and give you one every day you're here in March ;) Hmmm.... (We have a LOT planned for when you are here in March *insert evil laugh here* I only hope I'm not too out of it to remember them all) Love you!

  3. Ok, I just mistyped that... Tony would love to get YOU a feather duster... not Tony would love to GET a feather duster...

  4. I'll get Tony a feather duster if he wants one. I've got a few dollars left of Christmas money.:)

    What!!??? Work while I'm there? I thought I was going to be there so I could hold a soft, sweet, smelly-good, little girl. Well, maybe I'll have to put her down sometimes. After all, she'll need to eat sometime!


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