Friday, December 12, 2008

Forgetful Mom

We went to Nashville, Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, we went on a field trip to a place that makes stoneware (pottery), and yesterday, I tested for my yellow belt. I should have lots of pictures to share with you guys. And, I do. Unfortunately, I left the camera at the stoneware place. I called them yesterday, and they are holding it for me, "on the boss's desk". The only problem is that I cannot get into town to get it until tomorrow. Tomorrow, we have a birthday party. Whew! Sunday we don't have anything! I'm so excited! But, I'll share all those pictures with you Sunday. I guarantee it won't be tomorrow night! And, really, why tell you about the activities we've done without the pictures to go along?

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  1. Oh gracious, that sounds like me. I lost the camera on our honeymoon (it was under the seat in the car the whole time). Then, last summer I was cleaning, and I put the camera in a "safe place" -it took us almost a month to find the safe place.
    More recently I've done goopy things with smaller items. About a week ago I went to Brahms, bought a gallon of milk, and left it sitting on the counter. Just walked out. I then proceeded to shop at other stores for almost an hour before I remembered. They still had it - they had bagged it and kept it in the back for me. I was very embarressed - but at least these days I can blame everything on hormones ;)


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