Thursday, December 18, 2008

Making Christmas Cookies

Every year, I bake a ton of cookies for Christmas. Sunday night, we made sugar cookies. The boys love doing this. It is a lot of fun. Only Dominic is actually eating them, but we all love making them. I'll also make chocolate crinkles, chocolate chip, peanut butter... Anything I think of. It's my time for baking. Well, I bake all year. I just go into overdrive at Christmas time. And, really, it's for no reason. I don't need to bake, but I do.

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  1. I just feel a compulsion to bake this time of year myself. This morning I made your famous scones. Although, I couldn't find fresh blueberries so I substituted cranberries, and had to add sugar to counteract the sourness factor, and it changed the composition of the dough. Also, I made them too thin and they were more like scone pancakes, than biscuits. Oh well! They're still yummy.


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