Monday, December 15, 2008

Nashville- Science Center

Last Monday, we went to Nashville for a "field trip." A friend had a swim meet over the weekend, so we went to meet them for some fun. Monday, we went to the Adventure Science Center. It was a good one. It was as good as the Boston Children's Museum. In fact, it might be a bit better. There was a lot to see and do.

Xavier lifting a car.

Dominic taking a trip through some bones.

Learning about brain waves.

They have a laser tag game. You stand in one place and shoot at targets. We had a lot of fun. However, we think it is rigged for the good guys to win.
During the second game, Dominic took pictures. You can see what his view is of:

They have a nice space area. There's stuff about the galaxy, and an area to do moonwalks and EVAs.

After the science center, we went back to the hotel. We went swimming and had pizza. Xavier and Dominic thought the pool was the second best thing we did in Nashville. The best was the science center, in their opinion.
Waiting to leave for breakfast.

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