Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What I Want Out of Homeschooling

This may be a bit touchy for some people. If it offends you, I'm sorry, but it has to be said. People frequently ask why I homeschool. The easy answer is that Gabriel needs advancement that the school will not give him. That's the easy answer.

And, it is the reason that I finally went for it. But, there are so many other reasons. The main reason is that I want my children to love learning. They were all born with an instinctual love of learning. I believe that all children are. I want them to continue that love. Gabriel loves history. However, he hates using textbooks. I can understand this. I always thought history was boring until I had a professor that did not use textbooks during class. His lectures were fascinating. I would take all the classes he taught if we still lived in Florida.

The fact is, most methods of educating require textbooks. Unfortunately, textbooks are usually dry, and frequently have errors. There is just no getting around it. Textbooks are not great. Gabriel had begun to lose his love of history. Now, he is back in love with history, and has decided he wants to be a history professor when he 'grows up'.

Xavier loves math. He is zooming through math as fast as I'll let him. He is only slowed down by his poor writing skills. If I were to do all his writing for him, he would probably be done with Algebra by the end of the year. Unfortunately for him, I make him do his own writing 90% of the time.

Dominic just loves to learn. It doesn't matter what he's learning about, he takes it in, processes it, and moves on. I love that about him.

You see, I love to learn. I could go to college forever if they didn't pester you to get a degree. Unfortunately, to get a degree, you have to take classes that don't necessarily interest you. Since I have no intention of using a degree for anything, other than as a pretty decoration, I see no point in subjecting myself to hours of classes that I have no interest in. On the other hand, there is an amazing amount of learning that can be done without going to college. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'll be going back to college as soon as our 'schedule' is settled enough for me to manage a semester with minimal babysitting needed. But, I refuse to follow some 'plan' that was put in place to give me a well rounded knowledge. The fact is, I am a well read individual. I know how to do research. If something interests me, I research it.

I want my children to know how to learn, and to love it enough to want to learn. That is what I want out of homeschooling. If we accomplish that, I will consider the years a success.

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  1. As for you going to school, but not for a degree, have you considered class auditing? I knew people who did that when I was going to community college. Apparently, some colleges will even let you do it without matriculating at all. Some will let you class audit with a much reduced tuition cost.

    Hmmm....I may consider this. I've been wanting to take classes lately...


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