Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ever since last Christmas, when I ordered all our Christmas presents through Ebates, and got paid more than $50 to do it, I have always gone through Ebates before shopping online. This Christmas was no different. Most of the stores I was planning to shop at were there, anyway. But, since the boys have discovered, I have discovered even more reason to shop through Ebates. The boys have discovered that is their dream way to spend their allowance. I'm fine with that. The fact that is accessible through is all the more wonderful. Here are Gabriel's purchases, so far (since Christmas!).

Today, Dominic had me order some more Legos for him.
Ebates may not pay much (Lego's percentage is 4%), but it covers most, if not all, shipping charges. Plus, they frequently have special coupons you can use for a percentage off your order or free shipping. Ebates has all kinds of stores from Sears, to ValueMags; from Gap, to American Express. They even have car rental coupons. Plus, when you join, you get a $10 gift card! I love Ebates, and maybe they'll pay the boys' college tuitions. Frequently, they run specials that allow the person who joined, and the person referring them, to get a $5 bonus. So, be sure to mention me. :)

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