Thursday, January 22, 2009

Garage Stuff

Do you think Gary will agree to these? We desperately need to do something about our garage. We have virtually no storage options out there. These cabinets are bright and cheerful. They’ll perk our garage right up. Or, we could go with red. But these are my favorite.

We could also use some storage options for the bikes and scooters, wheelbarrow and ladder, rakes and shovels. The needs are endless. But, I'm finding some very interesting garage storage options at I think I would like to have a floor rack for the bikes. I don't see the boys hanging their bikes on the wall. And, they have a large basket that would work great for balls and bats.

And, one last thing, I want a garage door threshold. This will help keep out leaves and help insulate the garage, which will keep down the heating bills in the rest of the house.

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