Saturday, January 10, 2009

Heard Here 1-10-09

So, my kids are, of course, hilarious. I want to share some of that hilarity with you.

Dominic, "Tomorrow, I'm going to play with J- all day to cement our relationship." Do what? How old did you say you were?

Gabriel, "D*%#$." Me, "What did you say?" Gabriel, "Ummm, nothing?"

Gabriel, "I can't believe someone would betray their country for money. That's just disgusting. And, I can't believe that they arrested this woman when she wasn't guilty. I mean, she was pregnant!" (He just read a book about traitors, during research about Benedict Arnold.) Um, son, pregnant women go to jail, too.

And, the one that takes the cake:
Gary sent me some items from Fredericks of Hollywood. These came with a catalog. I was removing the catalog and Xavier noticed it. This is the conversation that ensued (or as close as I can remember).

Xavier: Nice. Women in bikinis.
Me: Well, actually, that's a bra and underwear.
Xavier: Even better. Can I have that?
Me: Why?
Xavier: I like looking at girls in bikinis.

He's eight, people!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Nice, you're raising a sick, sick boy ;) J/K I can't wait to see you... Tony and I went through the house planning all the mean, I mean, FUN things we will do to, I mean FOR you next time we see you... hehehe...


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