Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dominic's Cuteness

There is one poor teacher at Tae Kwon Do that just adores Dominic. Every time she sees him, she just about has fits over him. Now, I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I have fits over Dominic every single day. He is adorable and he knows it. Mostly, though, she goes nuts over his vocabulary. I'll be the first to admit that his vocabulary is extensive. Gabriel had an extensive vocabulary, and Dominic has Gabriel. So, Dominic's vocabulary is even more extensive. After all, it's not every 5 year-old that has an older brother giving him a math lesson while cleaning house. (Dominic: Have I finished my half? Gabriel: Well, actually, there are four people cleaning. So, it would be fourths.) And, it's not every 5 year-old that has a brother that teaches him words like adrenaline and exhausted.

Tonight, Dominic told her, "I'm exhausted." Which, she thought was hilarious. She thought it was funny that a 5 year-old would say exhausted instead of tired. The truth is, we exaggerate in this family. What? You didn't know that??? Say it isn't so! Dominic probably knew what exhausted meant before he knew what tired meant. Now, I need to teach him to say famished instead of hungry, or parched instead of thirsty. That'll have her falling all over herself. Granted, it'll have me falling all over myself, too, but I do what I must.

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