Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Wow! I've been gone a long time. It's been a busy, but happy, time for us. Gary got home May 9th. That is the main reason we've been busy, and I've been absent.

Gary arrived in Florida (where the command he deployed with is located), and we made the decision to go pick him up the day before he arrived. So, we spent all of Saturday driving to Florida. We got there about 2 hours before he did. We spent Sunday there, and drove back Monday.

After we arrived home, Gary immediately started tearing down walls in the basement. We now have a workout room. It only needs sheet rock and hang the doors. It already has the mats down, so we can work out in there. This is great because we really needed a place that was dedicated to Tae Kwon Do practice. The higher forms can get really long, and we were having to practice them outside. Gary was able to use all the lumber from the old walls to build the new walls, and we'll reuse the doors. So far, we haven't had to pay for anything except the mats, and we got those used. We'll have to buy the sheet rock, but we only have to sheet rock one half a wall, right now. So, it's a pretty cheap project that will get a lot of use.

The second week after Gary got back was the culmination of a year's worth of drama. The boys were going to be in a play on the 23rd, and had practice an hour and a half away twice that week. That was a busy week because of the play. We had last minute costume things to do. I was in charge of the costumes. Saturday, the 23rd, was the play. It turned out great. The boys did great. All the kids did a great job. There was a lot of ad libbing, which turned up some really great lines. This particular play, the kids all wrote, edited, produced, and performed, themselves. They did a great job. Of course, they had adult help, and a lot of it, but they still did a great job. Xavier lost his costume. Fortunately, he had on shorts underneath it. So, he won't get slapped with a public indecency charge.

The day after the play, we drove down to Pigeon Forge, TN. We rented a cabin there for 5 days. We had a really good time. It rained every day we were there. But, that was okay. It didn't rain when we wanted to be outside, so the rain didn't hurt anything. We played a lot of darts. The boys played a lot of pool. We spent time in the hot tub, and I whipped everybody at Monopoly. We went for a walk in a creek. We also went to the Star Cars Museum in Gatlinburg. Our favorite attraction was the aquarium. Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies was awesome. They have a ton of sharks. Plus, they gave a great military discount!

After returning home, Gabriel and I started working on organizing and cataloging the library. I think this is funny, because it seems a common theme, right now. Unlike Michelle, though, I catalog all our books. We are still not done with this project. Dominic and I are reading through all the picture books to decide which ones to keep, get rid of, and box up for future generations. Right now, we don't have enough room on our shelves for all our books. I completely reorganized the library. It is now categorized. It was amazing to me how few books we have about the ocean and water animals. We have a large selection on land animals, a descent selection on geography, a good selection on ancient and medieval history, a descent biography section, and a huge historical fiction section. We could use some more science fiction and good novels for kids. It's been interesting, but I'm ready to get the library back to normal.

Then, last week, Gary started back to work, and we started back to school. It's been crazy. I have to say that we are all happy with our school play. We switched to a Charlotte Mason type approach, using a modified Ambleside Online, in March. It has turned out to be a really good fit for us. I am very pleased with it. It incorporates all the things I like about classical education, and cuts out most of the things I didn't like about it. So, it all works out well. We've actually been supplementing with Son Light's year 3 for American History. This works out well, since the boys are such good readers. The Ambleside was very easy for them. This schedule is still much lighter than what we were doing before, but includes American History more in depth, which I was missing for them.

Now that we are back in the swing of things, I should be able to visit here more often. We shall see. The demands of a husband are different than those of children. I can't be online after the boys are in bed, because that is couple time. So, I'll have to figure out a new blogging schedule.

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