Thursday, June 18, 2009


A couple weeks ago, I was quizzing Dominic on things to see what I need to teach him. Here were a few of the questions and answers:

Q: What do you do when you call 911?

A: Tell them there's a fire and that I'm not the cause of it.

Q: Should you have electronics near water?

A: No, because water is a conductor.

Q: What should you do about strangers? (note: I'm thinking, be polite, but don't go anywhere with them. Don't get close enough for them to grab you, if you're alone. Never get in a car with anyone...)

A (at the top of his lungs) : Break the hold! Defend yourself! Fighting stance!

Q: How do you locate a stud?

A: What's a stud?

W: How do you pump gasoline?

A: I'm only 5, Mom.

Q: Do you know how to iron a shirt?

A: Of course not, I'm too little!

Q: How do you get a job?

A: Well, first, I have to get older.

It was great. Yes, I know some of the questions were ridiculous. It was worth hearing his responses. I just wish I had been recording it. I can't remember most of them. My favorite was his 911 answer, though. Of course, he would think of that. After all, he already has a record.

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