Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dominic Turns 6

Dominic has been counting down the days to his 6th birthday for a month. When he woke up yesterday morning, his first words were, "I'm 6-years-old now." For some reason, this birthday took on gargantuan proportions for him.

He has ruthlessly gone through his things deciding what things are for babies, and what things are appropriate for 6-year-olds. He decided that he was too old to be the one to feed the cats. We helped him rethink that one.

This afternoon, he was looking at a picture of himself and said, "That's what I looked at when I was 3? I was too cute!"

Tonight, he made the comment, "I'm so big, I feel like an old man."

Apparently, turning six is a momentous occasion, and he's the only one who knew. Fortunately, he made sure we all knew, and we took proper measures to celebrate this fantastic event. We went to Chuck E. Cheese, during the summer! We never go there when school is out. Then, we opened presents. He is now a cowboy with boots, hat, vest, spurs, a water gun 6-shooter and holster, a water gun rifle, and a hunting knife with a sheath that goes on his belt. He is feeling pretty spiffy. We had an ice cream cake and he used the 'Celebrate' plate. Of course, in his opinion, the most important part of his birthday was making sure he got enough pinches. Unfortunately, it looks like he'll only be growing 4 inches this year. Ah well, he went to bed happy.

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