Friday, July 17, 2009

Week in Review 7-17-2009

Dominic: Dominic is having 'issues'. I'm not sure if they're sleep related or just brat related. Regardless of what the cause is, he's driving me nuts.

On a better note, we've changed up his school schedule a bit and he's liking it better. We started reading the first Magic Tree House book this week. He's enjoying that. He reads a few lines, then I read a few lines. It's working.

He's doing a lot of review for math. Basically, he's reviewing all the addition before we get back to work on subtraction. I find these review times give his brain time to catch up with what he's learned, and cement it in his brain, making new knowledge much easier to acquire.

Saying of the week: While looking at pictures of our Tae Kwon Do Master, he made the comment that they had taken a picture and made two copies. Then, he said, "They would need DNA to make copies." Well, yes, if they were making clones, but not for pictures.

Xavier: This week, Xavier read Pocahontas and the Strangers. He is doing a review of multiplication. He also listened to several chapters of An Island Story, which he finds fascinating, read a couple chapters in The Burgess Animal Book, which he loves, read a couple chapters in The Tree in the Trail, listened to me read Understood Betsy, which is his favorite book this term, and read half a chapter in The Little Duke. We are reading The Sign of the Beaver out loud.

Gabriel: Gabriel has spent the week in North Carolina with Gary. Gary is attending a two week course. We were all supposed to go, but that got canceled. Gabriel still wanted to go, so I sent him. He has spent the week doing school work in the morning. In the afternoons, he has explored the base and watched T.V. This has, apparently, been a great time for him. He's getting to spend lots of time with Gary and explore his independence.

The littles and I went to the pool Tuesday and Thursday. Usually, I do not bother buying a pool pass. Day cares take their kids to the pool during the day, and it is quite crowded as a result. I don't like trying to keep an eye on my kids when the pool is that crowded. However, when I found out that school would be starting a month before the pool closed, I decided to buy a pool pass. Since the littles have been missing Gabriel, I took them to the pool. They had a blast. Yesterday, we met a friend of Dominic's and his mom. Next week, his older sister, Xavier's friend, will be meeting us, too. They're all happy.

I finally got the lawn mown yesterday, which was good, since it rained hard early this morning and got the ground and grass all wet again.

The cats were thrilled with the rain. During the day, they like to sit in the garage and watch the rain. Last night, they begged to go outside, and sat on the front porch watching the storm. Who knew cats could be storm watchers?

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