Friday, August 14, 2009

Cleaning Out the Library

We started cleaning out the library in May. We are almost finished. You're probably wondering why it has taken us two months. As you can see, we first went through all the books to see if we had them all listed in our catalogue. That meant taking every single one of our books off the shelves. Since we have over 1,500 books, it took a while. Then, we started cataloguing the books that were not listed. (Of course, we've gotten more since then, and they've managed to make their way onto the shelves without getting catalogued. Ugh!) After we catalogued the books, we separated them into piles of books to keep and get rid of. Then, we separated them into piles of fiction and non-fiction. Then, we separated them into historical fiction, science fiction, myths and legends, etc, and biographies, animals, nature study, meteorology, earth science, geography, classics, etc. We shelved those things as we separated them. Finally, we stacked all of the approximately 200 picture books on the floor. Since then, Dominic has been slowly going through them to figure out which ones he wants to keep and which ones he wants to get rid of. We have two 'get rid of' boxes. One box is the actual get rid of box. The second box is the, "I'm too old for this book, but it is a really good book and we should keep it for any other children that come along" box.
We have about 20 books left to read. He has whittled that lot of 200 books down to, so far, about 30 books he wants to keep. His criteria is simple. It has to make him laugh. If he doesn't laugh, it gets tossed. All those super hero books his brothers loved? Gone. All those Sweet Pickles books his mother loves? Gone. Curious George, which his father loves? Gone. He is ruthless. At least it has cleared some room on the shelves for other books. Of course, we still can't fit everything on the shelves, and it is time to buy new books for the coming school year. I guess we're going to have to get some more book shelves.

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