Saturday, August 15, 2009

What They Want to Learn About

Since our reading schedule will be much lighter starting in September, I've asked the boys for suggestions on things they want to learn about. The way it goes is this. I have things I want them to learn. They have specific books they need to read. They have math they need to do. Other than that, I'm open to suggestions. We've decided to do this MIT Open Courseware for the first trimester. They're all very excited about it. I'm especially excited about it. It is so much fun homeschooling!

Now, I'm trying to get them to open up about what they want to learn about. Dominic wants to learn about electricity. However, he has been obsessed with the human body for about a year. I thought that perhaps his new interest in electricity would overtake his interest in the body, but no. He wants to learn about the brain, the heart, the lungs, blood and veins, RNA and DNA. So, now, I'm looking for resources outside of the 300 or so books (yes, I'm exaggerating) we have about the human body.

Obviously, we'll be studying the human body this year. But, now I need ideas for the other boys. Gabriel is on board for the brain, and I'm sure Xavier will enjoy learning about anything. However, I'd love to see ideas of things that YOU might enjoy learning about. Is there a specific event in history you think the boys might be interested in? (Obviously, Dominic needs to learn to type, since he keeps pressing keys while I'm typing, the rat.) Is there some fun geography program that you've seen? Is there a book that they just have to read?

We're open to suggestions.

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  1. Daniel and I have decided to homeschool Eve this year...

    Nervous Nelly, here!

    It sounds like your boys are really enjoying school. I am sure they will look back with much appreciation on the these years!

    300 books on the human body! Wowza!



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