Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fall Fun

I have a confession to make.  I have not been excited about the coming of fall.  This is very sad to me, because fall has always been my favorite season.  Now, my favorite season is summer.  It's all about the warmth, people.  This past summer was not especially warm.  In fact, there were very few days that it was warm enough to go swimming.  It was not warm enough for lying around in the sun.  Plus, it rained too much to go camping.

But, I am attempting to live in the moment.  We have been admiring all the beautiful fall color that has been happening this year.  The last two years, we did not get enough rain to have much fall color.  The leaves dried up and died too fast.  This year, we've had extended weeks of fall color.  Then, one day, the wind blew and blew, and all the leaves came tumbling down.  That afternoon, I walked outside to hang clothes on the line.  The crunchy fall leaves kicked up beneath my feet and it was so much fun.  I immediately sent into for my favorite partner in crime and we had fun in the sun, wind, and leaves.

There's nothing like a giant pile of leaves at the bottom of a slide to generate fun.

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