Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Field Trips Make Us Sick

It seems that every time I schedule a field trip, at least one of us gets sick.  I know that isn't the reality, since we have been on multiple field trips.  It just seems that way.

Last week, Xavier and I were sick.  We were feeling well enough for a Halloween party on Friday (pictures coming soon- I promise!), and trick-or-treating on Saturday.  Fortunately, the two trick-or-treaters were quite pleased with the 12 pieces of candy each that they got at the shops downtown, during the day, and preferred to stay home and watch a movie Saturday night.

Gary and I went out for a date.  It was very nice.

Monday, I woke up miserable.  I had a sinus infection.  Yesterday, Gabriel started complaining about his throat and by last night he had a horrible cough.  Today, he's run a low grade fever all day.  What do we do for low grade fevers?  We let them sleep and ride it out, and take as many hot showers as they want.

Tonight, I was able to head back to Taekwondo, but Xavier has started coughing.  Tonight, after the adult class, Dominic was complaining about his head hurting, which seems to be one of the early symptoms of whatever Gabriel has.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to be taking them to see an awesome show.  It doesn't look like it's going to happen.  It's too bad.  I think they would have enjoyed it.  I certainly would have enjoyed it.  Oh well.  I'm hoping for better luck next week, when we're planning a trip to a planetarium and art museum.  Plus, we've got co-op on Friday.

I may have to cancel that.  Hmmm.

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