Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Wool Toque

Shortly before Christmas, Gary introduced the boys to this version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  Xavier promptly requested a wool toque for Christmas.

Shortly after I started knitting in August, I came across this book while at Half Price Books.

Since everyone in my family is a rabid Harry Potter fan, I snatched it up. I'll admit that I don't like all the projects. I love the robe that will never happen, because I don't have the patience for long projects. I also love the clock afghan that will never happen, for the same reason. However, I knew that my boy would love that wizard hat. So, I went to the knitting store, and bought some yarn, two days before Christmas.

I was already in the process of making the Nickster some requested mittens, so I had to wait until Christmas Eve to cast on.  In fact, I did not finish the hat until Christmas Afternoon.  However, Xavier couldn't have been happier.

Tonight, he chose to wear it to bed, to keep from losing his warmth.  *snort*  He also made his own "Snuggie" out of his robe.  That boy cracks me up.

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