Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am allergic to latex.  It is a mild allergy, and one I don't think of much.  However, I recently discovered that I am also mildly allergic to acrylic.  The only place it causes problems is on my forefinger, where my yarn rests while I am knitting.  This also happens to be the place I have psoriasis.  The acrylic yarn causes my psoriasis to act up, resulting in swelling and blisters.  (probably those weak genes again)

Now, normally, I don't like to knit with acrylic.  I prefer natural fibers.  My favorite fiber is wool, and cotton is nice, too.  I recently acquired some alpaca that I love.

A friend gave me a large amount of acrylic yarn, and I am attempting to use it.  In order to use it, I place a bandage over my finger, so that the yarn doesn't come in contact with my skin.  This has worked out great, until last night.

Last night, I put on a bandage and went about my business of knitting.  This morning, at about 5, I woke up because my hand was itchy.  I kept rubbing it on the sheets and scratching it.  Finally, I realized that I had put on a latex bandage.  *sigh*

This is not the first time I have used a latex bandage without thinking about it.  I am presently going through my house getting all the latex bandages and putting them aside for kid-only use.  Maybe that will keep me from screwing up and using them again.

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