Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Strong Opinion

One of the things I require Gabriel to do is write a paragraph three days a week, and an essay once a week.  Really, his writing needs a lot of work.  However, the exercise is more about getting comfortable with writing, than it is about mechanics.  His paragraphs can either be copied from his reading, or composed.  I am way  behind on grading, and just sat down to grade his past work.  This was the second paragraph I came across.

     I hate "How to Read a Book."  It tells me things that I already know.  Take that chapter on careful reading.  I learned that 5 years ago.  Also, I already know that the most important part of a book can be in a single sentence and not a paragraph.  It acts like I'm less comprehensive than I am.  That book just drives me crazy."

I may have to analyze whether "How to Read a Book" is a necessary part of his homeschooling.

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