Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Learning to Be Like Everyone Else

I am intensely interested in gifted education, for a multitude of reasons.  Perhaps, someday, I will take the time to repost the articles I wrote about my own family's experiences with gifted education.  In the meantime, I wanted to share some quotes from one of my favorite books.  I am in the process of rereading Genius Denied: How to Stop Wasting Our Brightest Young Minds by Jan and Bob Davidson, and Laura Vanderkam.  As I come across quotes that call out to me, I will share them with you.

Children with learning disabilities are by law given "individual education plans" to address their specific learning needs; some districts do the same for gifted children. Acknowledging Rachel's exceptional intelligence, the school drew up an individual education paln for her. As part of it, some teachers created a behavioral checklist for her in tenth grade. It was a prescription for how to fit in: Don't talk so much in class; keep it to a sound bite. Don't be so aggressive. Don't answer all the questions. Don't discuss things so much. Tone it down. Don't challenge the classroom status quo.

There it was, written down for her to follow: how to take that precocious mind and learn to be like everyone else.

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