Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Tempest

The big city next door has a Shakespeare in the Park program.  Many large cities do, and I encourage you to take advantage of them!  Most of them are free, and they're a great way to introduce children to Shakespeare.

The first production of the summer is "The Tempest."  I was excited by that because my children have had multiple exposure to the "The Tempest" and I thought it would be more understandable for them.  

We got there early, and Dominic and Xavier played on the playground, while Gabriel saved our seats and read.  Five minutes before the show started, we joined Gabriel.

Xavier decided that, since it was so hot, a run through the fountain would help him stay cool.

Dominic spent much time attempting to find a seat where he could see well.

This amused all the adults around him.  He also amused all of them with his quite loud commentary on everything, ranging from how hot it was to the fact that he thought the music was sad, from the fact that his minute hand (It's not a 'big' hand, Mom) was almost on the twelve to the fact that the fan I made for him was 'so cool.'

Fortunately, after the play started, he was enthralled and all commentary ceased.

They were all fascinated.

This was a wonderful experience, and we plan to attend again, hopefully next week.  

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