Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dominic's Take on School

I have instituted a weekly schedule for each of my boys.  The schedule is put in their folders, along with whatever papers they need each week.  Dominic's schedule includes such categories as reading, math, history, science, writing, electives, and taekwondo.  Each day there is something for him to do in each category.  There is also a blank category at the bottom of the page.

Last week, Dominic wanted to go outside to play.  I asked him if playing was on his schedule.  The next thing I knew, "play" was written prominently on every single day.  

Today, Dominic got to sleep in, due to an unfortunate event with a bird and our cat that happened in his room during the night.  When I told him he needed to do extra work today, since we are going on a field trip tomorrow, this was his reply, "I'm going to do extra knitting, memorization, taekwondo, free-reading, and playing."  

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