Friday, November 26, 2010

After the Christmas Crunch

I'm full in the Christmas crunch.  I've got two gifts on needles.  I have one on my loom and another one to get on my loom.  I am hoping to have the first woven gift off the loom and in the mail by Monday.  That way, I can get the other one on the loom and hopefully be done with it by the 3rd.  That would give me plenty of time to mail it.  All long distance knitting has been completed.  So...  I think I'm not doing bad.  I just need to get the gifts for the local people.  IE my children and husband.  *sigh*  One year, I will be completely done before Thanksgiving.  Maybe 2011.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the end of making Christmas gifts for one reason.  I want to make something for myself.  I have only made myself one thing this year and I am missing crafting for myself.  I am looking forward to making myself a few skirts out of this book.  I am also wanting to knit this shirt for myself.  There are several patterns I want to make for myself off that page.

I love crafting and I love crafting for other people.  I love giving a bit of myself to each gift recipient.  I'm happy that the Christmas crunch is almost over, but I know I won't stop crafting for other people.  I just hope I find time to fit in a few projects for myself.

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  1. LOVE that knit top. I have the skirt book and have made several of the styles (for myself and the girls). Very easy, love having something that fits.


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