Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Middle Child

Xavier is the classic middle child.  He craves attention, and he's a pleaser.  He's also very cuddly and loving.  In fact, he's extremely easy to love.  How can you not love someone who loves you so much?  Since he said his first word, we've known that he was going to be a brother kind of kid.  After all, his first word was "Gabriel."

This year, we chose to celebrate while Gary could watch on the video cam.  This worked out well.  Xavier isn't a cake kid.  He doesn't like frosting, and I've spent many years figuring out how to decorate a cake without frosting.  This year, he asked for cinnamon rolls for his birthday.  It was a great idea, much better than the pizza cake we've had in the past.  

Happy birthday, Xavier.  I'll love you forever.


  1. Will you make me birthday cinnamon rolls???? It has been sooo long since I had homemade rolls... And yours look wonderful!


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