Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Indianapolis Art Museum

Today, we went to the Indianapolis Art Museum.  We specifically went to look at the African art, since we are currently studying African art.

Of course, I loved the textiles.
Kuba people- Woman's skirt: raffia palm fiber 1950-1975
Dinka people- girl's torso garment: glass beads, cowrie shells, metal wire- 1930-1970

Dominic had a few favorites, including this bracelet mad by the Asante people.
He also liked this towered pavilion made in China in about 100 CE.  As you can see, he got very into writing about things.  He took a small notebook and pen in order to take notes.  He rarely writes willingly, so I am very happy.
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Yoruba people- ritual staff 1920-1950

Bamum or Bamessing people: condiment vessel or oil lamp 1910-1950

This was a beautiful bowl made by the Zulu people in 1990-1996.  It's made of plastic covered telephone wire!

Gabriel was most interested in ancient things like this chalice made in China around 2400-2000 BCE

Xavier liked the Egyption things, like this Canopic Jar in the Form of a Jackal from 664-332 BCE

Mirro Isis with Horus as a Baby  1539-1295 BCE

We all liked the memorial to President Benjamin Harrison.

I liked this painting by Edward Hopper titled "New York, New Haven and Hartford".  I t seemed like something I would see close to my house.

We also looked at Contemporary Art, but the only two things we liked were Floor by Suh, Do-Ho, and our favorite piece in the museum, Mobius Ship by Tim Hawkinson.

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