Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Xavier came to me today and said, "Mom, what's a straight?"

Obviously, I have gambling on the brain, since I immediately thought he was talking about poker.  "I can't remember."

Xavier thought about that for a bit and replied, "Well, I know there's one between Africa and Spain.  I think it's a tiny bit of water running between two pieces of land."

Oh.  Right.  That kind of straight.  Um, well, at least my intentional teaching is working.


  1. [smile] Yep, things certainly seem to be going well! Keep up the good work. Even when we don't understand the question and miss the opportunity, the learning continues.


  2. That's funny! (And for the record, I had the same straight in mind.)

  3. Goodness. I need to fix my profile. This is me, Dana. From Roscommon Acres.

  4. Dana,
    I would have figured it out from your "picture," but the heads up was nice. :)


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