Monday, December 27, 2010

Pushup Camp

When I was in boot camp, my company commanders decided that the best way to build up our pushup endurance was to make us do pushups at random times throughout the day.  So, starting the first week of boot camp, any time someone entered our company room, we had to drop down and do pushups.  The number of pushups was determined by what week and day it was.  So, the first day of the first week, we had to do 11 pushups.  The third day of the second week, we had to do 23 pushups, and so on until we were comfortably doing 87 pushups several times a day during our last week of training.

Last week, Gary and I decided that they boys' pushups were sorely lacking for red belts.  We decided that something similar to my company commanders' routine would work for our family.  The question was how to make it work?  Gary decided that it would be whenever anyone went to the bathroom.  So, when anyone in the family goes to the bathroom, everyone has to do pushups.  We're starting with one.  I know.  That's a little pathetic, but our goal right now is to make sure everyone has perfect form.  We're of the opinion that if the form is not good, the pushups might as well not be happening.

I think it is probably due to cosmic justice that we're starting our pushup camp the same day I decide to get hydrated.  That means I am drinking a lot of water.  Which, in turn, means I am going to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  Oh yes.  We will be doing a lot of pushups this week.

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